Request Agency Access

For every agency who wishes to come on board with ODMAP L1, we require the following fields. Once we receive them the following will happen:

  • It will be entered into our system, the person listed as "Signor" below will receive an email with a link to our participation agreement. They need to click that link and enter their initials and submit it.
  • We will receive notification on our end that the "Signor" has submitted their initials and we will approve it. This will send the signor an email, along with registration instructions, and it will contain their agency code.
  • The signor can then distribute the agency code to their members/users.

Agency Information

Participation Agreement Signer Information

ODMAP Level 1 Agency Administrator

The information below is required to setup your Agencies Administrator. The Administrator is responsible for managing your Agencies users, creating Spike Alerts, and submitting user for access to Level 2.