Request Agency Access

To participate with ODMAP, complete the electronic form below. Once the form is submitted, the following process will occur:

  • The person designated as "Signatory" below, will receive an e-mail with a link to the electronic participation agreement. Once the agreement is received, the "Signatory" will click the hyperlink and execute the document with their initials.
  • Once the electronic participation agreement is signed by the "Signatory," the W/B HIDTA will approve the document, fully executing the document. Once this occurs, both the designated "Signatory" and "Agency Administrator" will receive an e-mail with their agency's unique agency code which is used to register additional users within the agency.
  • The "Agency Administrator" can then designate additional Agency Administrators as well as facilitate permission to the National Map.

Agency Information

Participation Agreement Signatory Information

ODMAP Level 1 Agency Administrator

An agency is required to designate an "Agency Administrator." An "Agency Administrator" is responsible for user, agency, and alert management.